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Speaker – Max Thinius 2022

Max Thinius

Max Thinius is one of Europe’s leading futurologists, specialising in society, sustainability, business and trade. Since 1988, Max has been studying the impact of technological and cultural change on the evolution of society. By exploring the complex interplay between the three pillars of business, politics, and civil society, he aims to promote “intellectual climate change” and a greater awareness of how such tri-sector models can benefit every facet of our lives. He applies tri-sector models to help drive innovation in a variety of areas, including food and health, working on behalf of SMEs, political organizations, trade associations, and thinktanks, in both an advisory and advocacy capacity. He will take part in panels on the changing face of food supply and many others centred on topics related to digitization and the future. Meet Max virtually or on stage at MWC 22 and learn about his vision for the world of tomorrow.

Sessions where Max Thinius takes part