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27/02/2023 14:00 - 15:30 (CET)

Magenta Keynote

Join us for an exclusive look into how Deutsche Telekom is giving technology a heartbeat! Our keynote will be a showcase of exciting new products, services, and partnerships that have one goal: promote ease of use, participation and inclusiveness for individuals, businesses, and the tech community as a whole. Learn more about our T Phone, that puts the power of 5G into every pocket – across the Atlantic in Europe and the US. Discover our pioneering work on RDK-based router operating systems. We bring RDK to new bearers like 5G and ease home connectivity life for millions of customers. We also put new exciting B2B cooperations into the spotlight. We unveil our efforts to become more sustainable, taking our partners along with us. And with satellite networks and new partnerships, we'll seamlessly connect earth and space. Explore all of it, condensed into one Magenta Keynote, presented by Claudia Nemat, Executive Board Member Technology & Innovation.

Speakersin Session: Magenta Keynote